Leather Accouterments

Cartridge Boxes

  • Exact copy of original .58 cal.
  • Top quality cowhide
  • May be worn on belt or with a sling
  • Available in black and includes cartridge box tins


Enfield Cartridge Box

  • Top quality
  • Sold in black with cartridge box tins


Single Tins

Sold in pairs only


Cap Boxes

A. U.S. Cap Box - $14.95
B. Shield Front - $14.95

Carbine Cartridge Box

  • May be worn on belt or shoulder sling
  • Available in black


Cylinder Box

Holds two pistol cylinders with dowel rod supports


Pistol Cartridge Box

Top quality leather in black


Leather Cartridge Box Sling

  • Quality black leather
  • Approximately 2" wide and 72" long


Tarred or Canvas Cartridge Box Sling

  • Tarred canvas with leather ends
  • Approximately 2" wide and 72" long



  • Quality leather holster
  • Fits Colt Army and Navy pistols and Remington
  • Right or left side butt forward
  • Black only


Carbine Socket

Black leather sleeve used with carbine


Carbine Swivel Snap

  • Excellent reproduction
  • Fits on the carbine sling and snaps to the carbine


Carbine Sling

  • Large brass buckle with 58" long black leather strap for carbine
  • Used with carbine swivel snap