Shoulder Straps & Scales

Length of strap: 4"
Width: 1 3/8"
Width of embroidery: ¼"

General Staff Officers - Black
Infantry Officers - Blue
Artillery Officers - Scarlet Red
Cavalry Officers - Yellow
Medical Officers - Green

*All are high quality. Sold in pairs.

A. 2nd Lieutenant
Plain strap

B. 1st Lieutenant
One Gold Embroidered bar at each end

C. Captain
Two gold embroidered bars at each end

D. Major
Gold embroidered leaves

E. Lieutenant-Colonel
Silver embroidered leaves

F. Colonel
Silver embroidered eagle

G. Brigadier General
One silver embroidered stars

H. Major General
Two silver embroidered stars

I. General-In-Chief
Three silver embroidered stars

NCO Scales

Brass scales identified by bumps on scales
Hardware included


Officer Scales

Brass scales with hardware included